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8 Things to consider  in choosing the  right partner.

For those  who  want to avoid  regret in A relationship there are Things to consider  in choosing the  right partner. In choosing your partner: Rely  on God. Our senses can deceive us. God cannot deceive us. He loves and wants the best for  us, We need to  listen  to ...


Your God is orderly: He knows when to give what you need God does things in order; he knows what time to give what you need. At the right time He gives the right thing, in the right place. God has a good plan for you, thank Him for it and trust Him for its...

Love peace and live in peace: Be a peacemaker – 6Ps

Play your part well for peace  to prevail 1. Protect Living without peace is living in pain and problems. Control your  thoughts, words and actions.   Everything starts in the mind. You  need  to make sure that you  control all the  thoughts  that  are  in your mind....

Count your blessings, Be grateful: 8 ways  of  being  happy – 8 Cs

  Get to know the 8 ways  of  being  happy - 8Cs Focusing on your blessing, is counting them and having an attitude of gratitude, it is  the secret of peace and progress. People who are  grateful are generally happy. Ungrateful people become bitter and break people’s...

Love leads to hope, Happiness and Healing

  Live in Love In order  to  live  a  fulfilled  life, one needs  to love himself or herself,  love your Maker, love  your  neighbor, love what  you have. Love  yourself.  Love  does  great things to a person. Love  enables you to accept  yourself  and  accept the...

7 Guidelines in choosing the best friends – The 7Hs

How  to choose  the best  friends You need  to know  who  you are,  what is  your purpose, passion and plan and have a principle  that will guide you  in choosing the right people. I will suggest that  you choose the right  and the best people as your  friends. Choose...

6 Dangers of lack of purpose – 6Ps

The  dangers of  living a life without purpose How  you spend your  time and resource,  will speak a lot about  yourself. Lack of purpose  is  dangerous  to you  and the people around.  Without  a purpose  you will not  enjoy  what  you have.  There are  several...

Advice for life – THE 5Ss

1. Start Anyone who wants to succeed must decide start. To succeed one must make steps towards success. Start small and somewhere; don’t neglect your small beginning, you will reach where you dreamed to be. God blesses small thing, He increases them, and they bring...

Faithful Father or Failed Father: The Roles of a Father – The 5Ps

Characteristic of Failed father Frustrates the children, Forgets his role; Frightens his children, Fights and Fools his children A Faithful father; Fulfill his role, Foster the peace in family, Fortifies his children, Forgives and Facilitates them. “It is easier for a...

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