Life is full of challenges, crises and complications. You need hope to live. Hope encourages us to aim at something, act with courage and achieve our plan. When a person loses hope, they may miss their mission, meaning and miracle. With hope people are able to start, stand and succeed.

Men are crying, women are weeping

Peaceful marriage leads to happiness, hope and harmony. A Happy marriage does not just happen; it requires courage, commitment, communication, collaboration and confidence. Each partner has a role to play.

In this book, Syaviha Mulengya discusses secrets to a happy marriage, safeguarding your marriage, threats to a lasting relationships, Choosing the right partner and a lot more… 

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When a person is strong inside, he or she will be stable outside. Your soul, mind and heart need healing from past wounds. Our soul, mind and heart affect our physical, emotional and mental being. We all have suffered either from our past, present situation or from poor perception. If one is not healed, they can hurt themselves, harm other people. That is why There Is Hope For You Ministry is dedicated to encourage, empower and equip people in order to bring healing to the person, homes and communities.

You have a bright future: Do not give up

You need to believe it , begin to act and be brave. Refuse to be discouraged, deceived and distracted if you want to see great things happening in your life. Giving up in life, is losing your miracle that is why you need to remain firm, focused and faithful.

This book will help you handle different situations in life. Its teachings will transform your life by equipping you with relevant knowledge and guidance. I recommend that you get this book for yourself and someone you love.

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One needs peace within, with God and with other people. Wherever people are, problems can emerge. Though we may disagree, we should not despise one another. Though we differ we should not distance ourselves. Though we disappoint one another, we should not destroy one another. We need to make sure we live in peace and unity by loving and respecting everyone because everyone is valuable in God’s eyes. Where there is harmony there is peace, progress and prosperity.

Secrets for the singles

Secrets for the Singles is a treasure chest of advice to single people, and an answer to the couples on how to build a happy marriage. This book is an aid to parents, professionals and those who are interested in knowing and helping single people. I encourage you to buy for yourself and people you love.

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