For those  who  want to avoid  regret in A relationship there are Things to consider  in choosing the  right partner.

In choosing your partner:

  1. Rely  on God.

Our senses can deceive us. God cannot deceive us. He loves and wants the best for  us, We need to  listen  to  Him.  A good partner is from God.  You  can  try the  best strategies but  without  God,  you are  nothing and  there is  nothing  you can  do.  Seek  God  with all your heart,  He  will guide  you towards  the  right person.

Some people focus on the  physical  appearance of  the person  but  God  knows the person very well. He knows the person better  than you.  In making  a choice for a life partner, involve and listen  to God and  allow  Him  to  guide  you.  Understand that  God  is  a loving and faithful Father  who can never  fail  you.  He  knows  who is  good  for  you. Rely  on God because  He:

  1. Chooses the best.
  2. Cares for your present and future.
  3. Created you and   knows  you

The one who created  you is  able  to connect  you  with  the  right person. If  you   do not want  to be lost allow  the Lord  to lead  you.

Allow  God  to  direct  your  step, He created  and knows  you well. He  knows what you need and where  to  find  the right person.  Your eyes and ears can mislead and  deceive you.  Commit  your  plan in  God’s hand who knows  you better. He will surely connect  you  with the  right person.

  1. Research.

Even if  you are in love  do  not  forget  to look  for information  about  that person. Some people are  not what they claim to be, and  others will not tell you who they really are because they are scared of  losing  you.

No  one is  perfect, people have a dark past, it is  good you are aware.   You  know  the person  you are  committed to. In addition, when  you are researching, cross  check what  you are told, there are  people  who  can give you the  wrong information.

It is very  important  to research  about the person because it will help you to

  1. Defeat doubt and deception.
  2. Decrease conflict in the

When you research  about the person, be ready for  there are some truths that  can hurt  you, so be  strong.  Do  not love by heart but   love with your head. You may  not know that person well. Look  for  genuine people who  can tell  more  about the person.  Evaluate  the  information you are  given, some may  not like  the person and  give the  wrong information. Know about the person,  their background and reputation.

  1. Relax .

When you  rush without reasoning, you end   up  regrettingDo not  jump steps, walk slowly  but sureYou need  to be  ask  the right  questions  and  be  able  to answer  them correctly.  One  the  question you should ask;  Why  do  I choose or  accept  this person,  what makes  this person standout?

Relaxing  will help  you:

  1. Cool down.
  2. Conquer your fears.
  3. Contemplate about the decision you are about  to take.

Do  not rush, marriage is a life commitment.  Do not  rush  you may end up regretting  your  decision  and break  someone’s heart.

  1. Reason.

The  decision  about  marriage  is  very  important   that one  needs  to  think  through. When you  reason  you are  able to make informed  decision.   Use  your head.  When  you  reason  well  you  will be able to:

  1. Analyze your choice and
  2. Avoid mistakes.
  3. Act wisely.

Think  twice before you pronounce  yourself, do  not be  too excited to the point  you promise to someone  things  you will not fulfill. Think of your future. Do  not be deceived  by  their appearance.

  1. Realize what you 

It is very  important  to know  who  you are and what  you  really want in life. For a potential partner,  it is very  important  to  have clear  criteria  that will help you in your  choice.  You need  to know the type of person you want  to spend your life  with, otherwise  you are likely  to be confused and deceived.When you  realize  what  you really want it will help  to  you be:

  1. Serious in your search.
  2. Settle you mind  and succeed.

Understand that all the expectations on your  criteria may  not be fulfilled – you need to be flexible.   You need to  have a criteria, your guideline should help you  to know if  that is type of person you want. Do  not be too strict, we all have weakness. You are  not marrying  an angel, accept their  quality and  bear  with their  weaknesses. Their quality should be more than  their weaknesses.

  1. Recognize your success.

You need to recognize what are some of  your strengths and  weaknesses.  Work on yourself. If  you  know  who  you are  you  know  what  you are looking for.  If  you are  weak in certain areas, it will be wise also to get a  person who is  strong in  that area. Improve  what  you can to be a better partner. This  will help  you to:

  1. Seek for  the solution to your
  2. Share your life with someone who can help you.
  3. Stand strong and make a difference.

You  should  not be ashamed  of  who  you are, you are  unique despite  your weakness.  Your  weakness  should  be  your motivation, It  should  not be a reason of  you hating yourself and despising  yourself.    Love yourself  and  be willing to seek the answer  to  your  struggle. Some people are harsh towards others.  Look at  yourself , try  to find  things  that you should  change.

  1. Remain focused.

When  you are looking for a future partner, you can be easily  confused and carried away,  if  you have settled for one,  let him or her be the one. Some  will show up  and  they  can deceive  you, you  end  up  choosing the wrong person because you were not focused.  You will be  challenged,  no matter what, remain  focused if  you  want  achieve your  goal. When you remain focused it will help you to:

  1. Decide
  2. Determine what you want.
  3. Defeat distraction that can come on your way.
  1. Resist the pressure.

You may be  pushed by your peers, parents and people  around you to get married.  Then later  you start complaining  that it was  not  your decision and  choice to get married  to that person. It is true people can suggest to you a partner, then  when  you get married, you need  to own that decision.  Make  your mind and choose for yourself. They  can suggest  to  you  but  you have the  last word. Resisting the pressure will help you to walk in the  right way and  be safe for your  future. You  will be  able to:

  1. Think
  2. Tackle the situation ahead of
  3. Teach you to make the wise