Where there are people, problems can emerge, but settle them harmoniously. You will have peace. Quarrel makes you lose the great blessing.  When something has gone wrong solve differences. There is no need to be bitter (Matt 18:15-17). Many have killed great relations because they did not want to settle their differences. Some are living like enemies because they did not want to find solutions. Small things can destroy a relation. There are a lot benefits in settling the disagreement.  The devil aims at stealing, killing and destroying (John 10:10).  If you settle your differences, you will experience God’s peace and forgiveness.

Swallow your pride if you want solve your problem. Many look for answers elsewhere when solutions are around them.  Blame game does solve the problem.   Find a solution to what stresses and scares you. You can revive your relationship (Rev 2:4-5).   Work and walk together. Where there is unity there is joy and success . Sit, search and settle the issue; you must be willing to find a solution, forgive, forget and focus on the future.